Project Description

Following a course appraisal carried out by Kimber & Glen the club agreed with our recommendation to carry out significant earthworks to the 14th hole to improve playability for the average club golfer. This project was a substantial undertaking for both the club and Kimber & Glen. Standing on the 14th tee the golfer used to be faced with an overgrown steep slope that was directly in the landing zone for average golfers.  This resulted in many members avoiding playing both this hole and the next hole which the club deemed as a huge compromise that needed to be addressed.  Kimber & Glen was challenged to find a way to make this tee shot easier for average golfers and make the walk up to the main part of the fairway much less severe so that all the members could enjoy playing the hole.

The work included full construction and management of the project. Over a 5 week period theKimber & Glenteam completely reshaped the sheer face pushing material back towards the tee to create a continuous fairway that the golfers can now play to and walk up. The finished product has been a big success for the club and they have already begun to see the value of this work with more members now enjoying an 18 hole experience again.