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At KimberGlen International LLP we specialise in creating exceptional golfing experiences. As dedicated golf course architects, we offer all the typical design services that you would expect from an established Golf Course Architecture organisation but in addition we have dedicated significant resources to training and development of our staff in all aspects of the business.  This allows us to offer a full suite of design, construction and project management services and a turnkey  service for all aspects of any type of golf development.

Our New Course Design service is intended for clients and developers seeking to create a brand-new golf course from scratch or extend an existing course by adding new holes. With four of our new courses sitting comfortably inside the U.K top 100 list we have gained international recognition for our work creating new courses. In Scotland we have a particularly strong portfolio of noted new links courses but we have also had extensive experience of working worldwide in different climates, terrains and soils.

We work methodically and meticulously through the planning phases to ensure that the vision can be created taking account of the budget and all the various constraints that every site and opportunity presents. Our technical and presentation skills allow us to clearly communicate the vision to the client and our thorough planning drawings and documents allow us to collaborate seamlessly with authorities and other consultants involved in large scale projects. We then dedicate significant time to overseeing the construction of the project and our attention to detail at this stage of the process is the reason why our projects have been successful. We firmly believe that the best courses are created through meticulously planning that then allows for flexibility in the field to make the necessary changes that turn a good golf course into a great one.

Our golf course appraisal documents are high quality presentation documents that are designed to facilitate seamless communication of the proposed upgrades to golf course stakeholders / club members and, on occasion, to challenge what is perceived to be achievable. We are a fresh pair of eyes to review your golf course and our extensive knowledge of the golf market and member’s clubs allows us to understand and work with all the nuances of different club structures. Ultimately our design proposals are intended to match and balance what we believe the property is capable of hosting and the resources that the club / owners may have at their disposal.

Over the last 15 years we have been fortunate enough to have been invited to work with and advise on many top level existing courses across the U.K and beyond. Our work on existing courses varies from ad-hoc design consultancy advice to comprehensive golf courses audits and the development of full evolution plans for golf clubs / course owners.

Whether you are planning to create a new course or implement upgrades to an existing golf course we will provide you with expert oversight throughout every stage of the construction process, ensuring that both the technical and aesthetic elements of the build phase meet the highest possible standards. Our staff have extensive experience in all aspects of golf course construction amassed on a variety of projects and we are able to use this experience to help solve issues on site to expedite the construction process without compromising on quality.

We work closely with all the contractors employed on our projects and ensure that project managers and site staff are all on-board with the vision and design intent of the project. When performing our role as Architectural Supervisors it is our responsibility to ensure that the vision and quality of the project is not compromised and by undertaking regular site visits we are able to keep abreast of progress and often avert possible construction issues. Ultimately this valuable input allows the construction effort to meet the timeline and deliver on the vision.

We are qualified golf project managers with many years of valuable experience of coordinating golf projects. Typically we offer this as an enhanced supervision / overall management service on projects where we are also the designers. All our staff are qualified with SMSTS, (Site Management Safety Training Scheme) or SSSTS, (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme) qualifications, and we can manage all aspects of the implementation phase of a golf course project. In our role as project managers it is our responsibility to act as the key link between stakeholders and contractors and ensure seamless communication, timely progress, and adherence to budget and schedule. The key advantage of employing us as the project managers on projects where we are also the design consultants is that we designed the vision and are in a position close to the construction activity that allows us to ensure that this vision is met whilst also performing the other management roles expected of a project management team. We have successfully performed this enhanced supervision / management role on many of our projects allowing our clients to have the added security that our on site experience brings to the construction effort.

Our construction management services can be similar to our role as project managers but if we are employed as construction mangers we are directly coordinating and overseeing contractors and construction activity and have direct responsibility for the delivery of the project alongside the contractors. Most golf course construction work requires construction expertise from various different contractors and as construction managers it is our responsibility to coordinate work schedules as well as ensure compliant health and safety standards are adhered to for all construction activity.

Depending on the project structure we may perform this role independently and report to a project manager / stakeholders or we may jointly perform this role alongside project management / architectural supervision.

Using state-of-the-art (centimetre accurate,) land surveying techniques and equipment, we can conduct detailed surveys of a project site in house and gather all the essential data for the design and construction phases of a project. This capability is especially useful where we are also employed as project or construction managers as we are able to seamlessly transfer updated design information from the computer to the field without having to wait for a response from other parties. From mapping existing features to determining elevation changes and property boundaries, we can collect all the precise data information needed to createe accurate base plans to inform the design and construction process.

Additionally, our surveying team is equipped to set out key features during construction and collect as-built information, ensuring accuracy and continuity throughout the project lifecycle.

Drone surveying offers a comprehensive view and data capture vehicle for any potential project site, allowing for the streamlined collection of data that can then be processed to inform design decisions and help make the construction phase more efficient.

Using our high specification Parrot Anafi Drone our qualified and licensed pilots carry out photogrammetry flights that provide the data for various outputs valuable at all stages of the golf development process. Initially, our drones capture both high resolution ortho rectified imagery and video fly-throughs of the site that catalogue the existing situation before design work commences. Then, our drones can be used to carry out expeditious land surveys of large areas collecting high resolution ortho-corrected aerial imagery and millions of elevation data points that we then process to produce accurate scaled topographical base plans. During the construction stages of a project our drones can be used to check elevations and changes to the terrain as well as giving a bird’s eye overview and record of construction activity.

We have invested in high performance computer hardware and the latest softwares to be able to store and process the drone data so that we can offer a complete and timely in-house service that is tailored to the needs of each project.

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As Golf Course Architects at Kimber & Glen we believe in both the art required to Design Golf Courses creatively and the science behind delivering golf courses of the highest quality.