Project Description

Kimber & Glen have been fortunate to have a continued relationship with South Ayrshire Council who run seven public facilities in the west of Scotland. Troon Darley is a golf course with lots of potential but over the past couple of decades it has largely become overgrown by vegetation.

Initially Kimber & Glen were commissioned to undertake a complete appraisal of the golf course with a view to demonstrating what is possible on this superb piece of golfing terrain.  At the same time the golf course is surrounded by residential communities that use the golf course regularly for access and leisure.  This has resulted in the golf course becoming more of an overgrown amenity area rather than a playable golf course and, as a result, the course has failed to generate the revenue that it has in the past

Our task was to demonstrate what it would take to bring the course back to a standard that can compete with other courses in the area whilst at the same time providing more amenity space and recreational routes around and through the property so that recreational users can continue to share the space safely.

Following our appraisal, we were subsequently commissioned to carry out gorse removal and design upgrades to 4 holes in the winter of 2020-21.  These improvements were intended to showcase what is achievable and it is hoped that further upgrades will be implemented across the whole course to, once again, make this a valuable asset for the public.