Project Description

Kimber & Glen was asked to consult for the club in late 2009 to assist with course improvement work ahead of hosting the British Amateur Championship in the summer of 2011. We were initially engaged to re-design and manage the construction of three new green complexes to improve their design and integration with the surrounding terrain. Two of these green complexes had previously been completely re-built but the design was not in keeping with the rest of the golf course and they had been constructed using poor materials meaning that the grass would not grow consistently. The third green complex had previously been altered by the committee members over the years and had lost its original character.

Following this work we were commissioned to complete a strategic development plan for the course and in the years that have followed this plan has been used to guide the many design improvements that the club has implemented.  In 2017 the Kimber & Glen team returned to the club to help them solve a safety issue with the 17th Hole.  Our design solution involved a substantial amount of earthworks to move the centre point of the fairway further away from the course boundary and create dunes on either side of the tee shot to help the player aim better.

“I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the recent work you have done on our 17th hole.
You arrived on the agreed date, all your team were extremely professional and worked relentlessly over long days to ensure the schedule was met. The whole project ran seamlessly, which is down to the experience of your team, coupled with excellent project management. Throughout the job you kept us up to date with what was happening.

We now have a hole which will not only greatly reduce our Health & Safety issues with nearby properties, but will also be a much more interesting hole to play. The dunes you have created will blend in perfectly with the surrounding area once the grasses mature next spring. I am sure they will look like they have been there for years.

From the Course Appraisal you did for us, we have now produced a Course Development Plan which is being put forward to the membership. We will certainly be wanting you to implement any future changes as and when they are approved.

You are welcome to pass my details on to any prospective clients who wish to speak to me.”

Simon Norris, Greens Chairman