Project Description

Following a highly successful Course Appraisal completed in 2012 we have continued to work with the club to implement some of our suggestions.

The strategic bunkering on the first hole has been implemented which has redefined the look of the bunkers but also helped to create a strategic par 5 where players have to plot their way to the green. The work has been well received and has also helped to speed up the pace of play with fewer players attempting to reach the green with their second.

Our course appraisal document also highlighted the potential of the 8th hole but demonstrated that the current bunkering didn’t take advantage of the strategic deign opportunities. KimberGlen was subsequently commissioned to rework the green complex by adjusting the bunker positions and approach to drain better towards collection areas.  The existing fairway bunker on the right was reshaped and reconstructed and a new bunker was built on the left side of the fairway some 50 yards short of the green to ensure that the better players must think twice before hitting driver.  The club had already extended the teeing area on this hole, and this coupled with our renovation work has created a much more strategic and memorable golf hole.