Project Description

In contrast to the other courses a ‘heathland’ concept became the defining feature for this course. With some natural, spectacular undulations as the base canvas Paul and Niall, set about building the course using the natural assets of the site and creating sympathetic landforms that mirror those created by nature. This has allowed the course to flow naturally through the landscape. Natural meandering streams were created to remove the straight edges imposed by generations of farming.

At gWest Paul and Niall also had extra responsibilities, working as the ‘Main Contractor’ as well as designers. By the end of summer 2009 the team had completed the construction and seeding on budget and on schedule.

Over 10 years later this course remains completed…but not open for play.  As such it remains a one of the most mysterious high end projects to ever be completed in Scotland. The course is still maintained daily to an exceptional standard and is ‘ready for play’ whenever the client decides to open the doors.