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Lochmaben Golf Club

Thursday 25th July 2013

8th Proposed lr

Lochmaben Golf Club has commisioned Kimber Golf to review the design of three key parts of the course. 

  • The slopes on the existing 1st green that make much of the green un-pinnable.
  • There is no doubt that there is an outstanding opportunity to transform the current 8th hole into a spectacular par 3. By making the most of the Loch side setting this hole could become one of the best short par 3’s.
  • The entire 15th hole paying particular attention to the green complex. The hole has a number of issues that combine to mean the hole with its current layout and slopes doesn’t really work and lets the course down. There are several reasons behind this and we have been asked to take an overview of the entire hole to see what the best solution might be to improve the hole and resolve the current problems.


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